Just two hours can change everything about your life.

In less than the time it takes to do a load of laundry, you will able to identify what parts of your life may be suffering and need your attention most. The EHON Assessment will take you step-by-step through each category and give you the objectivity to build an actionable 12- weeks plan customized to you.

What are the "Entrepreneurial Hierarchy of Needs?"

  • Health

    It's time to get your mental and physical health in order. We're all busy but without our health what do we have?

  • Wealth

    Our wealth shows the fruits of our labor. It's an entreprenur's most powerfull tool are you doing everything you can to grow and leverage your wealth?

  • Relationships

    Our relationships shape who we are. Higher quality relationships create a higher quality of life. Are your relationships as strong as they could be?

  • Recreation

    All work and no play... you know the saying. Today, adults are spending less and less time doing the activities that enrich their lives outside the daily work grind. Are you taking the time to regenerate your straight and spirt?

  • Business

    Our business is where we spend the majority of our time to build the life we deserve. It's more than just our business, it's a core part of who we are. Are you tracking the right KPIs to keep your business green and growing?

Unlimited access to EHON and The HIVE

$5.00 / month with 1 month free trial

How the "Entrepreneurial Hierarchy of Needs" assessment works.

The Entrepreneurial Hierarchy of Needs Assessment is designed to give you a deep, unfiltered look into the five highest priorities of your life. This included your Health, Wealth, Relationships, Recreation, and of course your business. After we give the much-needed attention to each section and ranking our level of satisfaction, we will start the process of creating a 12-week action plan to implement and take action each area of your life to the highest posable level.

You Also get "The HIVE"

The Hive - A community supported by The Entrepreneurial Hierarchy of Needs.

The HIVE, a group for entrepreneurs that are ready to live a hyper intentional life.

This group is powered by The Entrepreneurial Hierarchy of Needs and to be accepted as a member you must have taken the EHON assessment fist.

The HIVE is a place for entrepreneurs to be open and honest about the struggles we all experience in life and business and how we overcome them.

We will be having meaningful exchanges that increase our awareness and understands of our mental and physical health, our wealth and finances, every type of relationships we have in life and in business, the values of taking time to recharge with recreation and how to build a smarter business by leveraging a high-quality life to support our ability in business.

We are a community that is able to take our “failures” and repackage them as lessons to provide unique insights for our brothers and sisters.

We are a community that is brave enough to open and vulnerable with our issues so that other members can offer their insights and assistance allowing us to all rise together.

We are a community that understands that we can’t grow alone and that we all are at different stages in our life and in business and that we are all on the same team at the end of the day.

Whats Included

  • 13 informative videos to guide you through the process.

  • 50+ question designed for critical thinking resulting in the most accurate answers.

  • Worksheets for each category of the E.H.O.N. to track scores and take notes

  • A full workbook to chart your progress every time you do the EHON assessment.

  • PDF downloads are fully editable from your computer.

  • One time payment with lifetime access to all updates

  • The Hive - A community supported by The Entrepreneurial Hierarchy of Needs.

  • BONUS PDF: The Overachiever's Guide To Doubling Your Productivity In Half The Time


The Overachiever's Guide To Doubling Your Productivity In Half The Time

This FREE guide will teach you the 7 ways I personally maximize the effectiveness of every one of my days. These are time tested and based on over 15 years of experience building businesses in many different industries. Everything in this guide is immediately actionable and you can make each one a new habit in less than a week. With this guide, time is now on your side and you will be able yo capitalize on every second. 

Your Host

Tim Palladino has owned and run many successful businesses since his entrepreneurial journey began as a teen in New York. Through his success, he’s made it a point to give back and serve his community. Tim’s efforts were recognized in 2016 when he was presented with the 40 Under 40 Shaker Award by the Hudson Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce. Now, after a recent 7-figure exit, Tim resides in Austin, TX where he’s combining his love for community and business to create a massive impact as a social entrepreneur.

Unlimited access to EHON and The HIVE

$5.00 / month with 1 month free trial

What People Are Saying

Dan Quintana

Blue Rabbit Studios

Tim Palladino is the epitome of the entrepreneur. He has the spirit and the experience to move you forward with focus.

Eric Dhal

7 Figure E-com Seller

My business has gone from $150K a month to $275K. Highly recommended. Tim is a great guy and this is a high-performance group.

Brandon Jones

Dream House Media

Tim's knowledge and experience have been instrumental in the success of my new business.

Danny Carlson

Kenji ROI

Tim is great at what he does and is clearly practiced to bring out the best from his fellow entrepreneurs.

Rony Hay

Klout Consulting

Tim has created something that brings the right people together to get shit done.

Unlimited access to EHON and The HIVE

$5.00 / month with 1 month free trial